Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why we're such bad drivers

There are so many times that one wonders about the kind of people driving on the road. Of course, I'm being very civilized when I use the term "wonders". This is a worldwide phenomenon, I'm sure, but it's very rare that one can find a justification for the presence of such elements on the street, main road, gully or highway. But lo behold! As is possible only in India, there is a very valid reason for erratic behaviour while driving. Not only that...I have now come to believe that it might be a requisite by the transport dept.
This is because recently a colleague showed me the form that one has to fill to one's driver's licence. I just had to share... Enjoy....
(click on the thumbnails to view the form)


  1. no publicity involved, huh? i believe u... sure...

  2. not for me anyway.... I'm just spreading the word and doing some good!