Sunday, October 23, 2005

An ode to doctors: Thank You guys!

It’s weird how certain experiences in life change your entire perspective towards it. The past one-week has been one such experience. In and out of consciousness and hospitals, you realize how you can’t even take such a simple thing such as breathing for granted any more. Sleep had changes from being a period of respite and restfulness to something to be fearful of. I’d close my eyes only to open them to find a flurry of activity around me, and two other high tech gadgets attached to my body. Looking around, I can see the technological advancements that science has made – my blood oxygen level, heart rate, breathing rate, B.P. – all displayed in one machine, oxygen masks on my nose should I require extra oxygen, a continuous flow of intravenous glucose inserted into my veins for immediate effect. They’re all there to save me, protect me, take care of me. My life and well-being was in the “able” hands of ‘cold-blooded’ machines, which could do no wrong. So, does that mean that the machines had conquered?
Asking the senior doctors “when will I be fine?” the only answer I got in return is “we’re doing our best…we can only pray.” So, there is something that these ‘perfect’ machines cannot do. There does exist a power and being above all of man’s manufactures and creations. We still rely on that one re-assurance from our doctor’s mouth, that one smile, that one handshake that tell you “everything will be okay.” We don’t place our faith, and the lives of our loved ones on a bunch of high-tech gadgets; we place them in the warm, caring, trusting hands of our doctors. And you know what? They always deliver. They spend days and nights taking care of others, when they’re at their worst, only to be forgotten when life’s back on track. And God forbid, should you come back, they’re right there with their arms wide open and a reassuring smile on their faces.
It’s a thankless job, but they do it selflessly. Thank you Doc! ‘coz there are no other words that can express what we feel!!!

(This is an ode to the doctors at the Metro Hospital, Noida, who’re nothing less than Gods on earth, and trust me...they take care of you as one of their own. I speak from personal experience.)

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