Monday, February 9, 2009

Advani on a Hollywood gossip site... Why?

I was just randomly going through some websites and i stumbled upon this Hollywood gossip website ( by this guy who calls himself Perez Hilton. It's an out and out West-centric website, which would have a decent number of followers (in the West), so I was justifiably stumped when I scrolled down to find amchi L.K. Advani's face flashing in astrip ad for his website. If you don't believe me I've pasted a screen shot of the ad here.
As for the various conclusions and meanings that one might draw from this, I leave up to anyone who would care to visit it. Off the top of my head, here are three most obvious ones:
1. Advani + the malacious Papparazzi
2. Advani + amid other ads of lingerie, suicide mission and house hunting (searching for solid ground Mr Advani?)
3. Advani + gossip (we all know and love this one)
Do write in and let me know of any such other unusual ad placements or any other association that might justify the placement of this ad here. :-)


  1. Hmph! -- to all those who come by and don't write!

    Well, around a week after this post, Mint carried a profile of the man behind Advani's online presence. Here's the link if anyone's inetersted

  2. so what's with the new perspective on life you're talking about in your gtalk status? I came to your blog to see if you had written about it. Do tell.