Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lost, but at the same place…

Simply started writing this one, and for some reason the mind spoke in verse rather than the usual prose. Don't know how it's turned out, but here goes :-)

I’m stuck in time

Desperately searching for some rhythm and rhyme

Or is it randomness that I seek?

I can’t seem to make up my mind

Looking out the window, my dreams floating on faraway feathers

Into imagined worlds and even into the reality of others

I want, nay need, to be someplace else

But where?, ask my walking boots, sitting comfortably on the shelf

I don’t know the answer, don’t know if I’ll ever know

Do you know? Have you that knowledge that eludes me so?

I’m lost, but how can that be?

I’ve been at the same place for an eternity

Maybe I should just wait for those feathers to fall

They carry my hopes and dreams after all

My thoughts seem to make the same old rounds

Encapsulated by walls all around

I don’t even know how many walls there are, so bare

Solids cover my eyes…the utter greyness, brownness…

Bah! I really don’t care

I just need to know…is that window a mirage or is it for real?

It tortures me, teases me, mocks me

Shows me a world of possibilities, of things unknown

So delicious in their unfamiliarity

My senses can almost touch them, but alas, my hands cannot

My soul can almost feel them, but my body cannot

I am so lost, but I am here

I know my coordinates, even those of my unshed tears

The whispers in my mind grow louder each day

I’m not kidding, when I say these shouts are palpable

I’d climb over that teasing window, if only my restless limbs were stable

I need to get out, need to break free

Of these shackles with which my own mind binds me

Can someone hear my silent but deafening cry?

It comes out each time I sigh.


  1. this peom my dear, is everything and more,
    it however is not funny, of that i'm sure. :)

    lots of love

  2. Love it.
    I think you're onto something when you say that "my soul can almost feel them, but my body cannot."

  3. @ Pandey: Thanks... love you too :-)
    @ Adi: :-) Thank you! And i seem to be on to a lot of things... it's just that the feet and my fate don't seem to follow suit.

  4. the poem echoed the solitude and the battles we face in our minds and it beautfully captured...
    an anesthesit from manchester found your poem ...brillaint... he loved it... i sent him today afternooon...his instant reaction was ...this is my life...